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Brian has been a great asset as I have grown my health and nutrition business. This new company was my first foray into the retail sector. Brian’s ability to intuitively engineer processes and help me consider possible outcomes has been invaluable. We have discussed everything from high-level growth strategy down to the minutia of operations, and have built a great friendship along the way. Brian has an innate ability to participate with each of his clients as if he were an owner/partner. He gives his full attention to all aspects of my business when we are together and takes personal interest as if it were his own. I would strongly recommend that any entrepreneur or small business use Brian as an asset in for their company.

Brett L. Butler, 20/30 Fast Track Atlanta

He demonstrated caring about what I needed from start to finish

Michael Spencer, Wise Pace Financial Planning

Brian is fantastic!  I really needed someone to help me think through how everything is laid out in my business.  Frustration would often times set in because it always seemed as if everyone promised to fix my problems but never delivered on it.  I decided to take a chance on Brian and could not be happier.


First in foremost, he demonstrated caring about what I needed from start to finish.  His process does a much-needed deep dive.  If you are afraid of rolling up your sleeves and taking a hard look at your process, then don’t call Brian.  If you are serious about getting serious in making a change, he is able and willing.

“We are better placed to succeed in the future.”

Barbara Heil-Sonneck , CEO and Creative Director

“Brian’s knowledge and level of professionalism is outstanding. He provided solutions that are effective, focused and measurable. This is a true partnership in every sense of the word. On a more personal note, the ability to simply share my concerns with a business minded peer has given me more peace of mind! I am certain that Brian’s involvement with our business means that we are better placed to succeed in the future.

“The systems he put in place have streamlined my processes and save me hours of time on a daily basis.”

Cathy Morrow, Room Reflections Staging & Design

When it was time to grow my business, I feared failing because of the potential increased work load. I had few systems in place, and needed an advisor/coach who had walked the walk, with success, to teach me how to grow and scale. Luckily I found Brian Kramer and Business Innovation Team.

Brian got to the heart of my situation quickly. He dug deep to understand, identify, and analyze my unique business pain points. His easy demeanor hides a quick, analytical mind. The systems he put in place have streamlined my processes and save me hours of time on a daily basis. In addition, Business Innovation Team is just that – Brian has the team in place for whatever resources a business needs, from marketing to systems and procedures.  I recommend Brian Kramer and Business Innovation Team highly.

“We landed our biggest client thanks to the quoting system that Brian developed for us.”

Mike Albuquerque, Mass Appeal Agency

“When I first started my business, quoting jobs and delegating work seemed like gargantuan tasks. Doing them took a lot of my time, and made me become a bottleneck for my own business.

Thankfully, Brian created job quoting and project scheduling systems that removed those roadblocks. Mass Appeal was able to grow and we landed our biggest client thanks to the system the Business Innovation Team developed.”

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