LAUNCH (For Start-Ups)

The world around us is changing. That’s not a bad thing. It brings us new opportunities. Opportunities like starting your own business. But starting your own business has its own concerns. What are the steps to follow, what type of entity to create, the tax implications of each entity type, exposures, etc. This is a real challenge for someone considering a start-up, especially since you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot because as the expression goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” For good reason they realize that if they do it wrong, they could end up dealing with their State’s Department of Revenue, the IRS, or expose their families to a legal risk they were unaware of. These exercises are time consuming, stressful and a colossal waste of time. That is where the Business Innovation Team comes in. We’re right here to help, whether it’s for a full-time endeavor or to support a side job while you continue in your current position.

The Business Innovation Team offers a service called LAUNCH. This service allows an aspiring entrepreneur to go on-line, complete a form, then speak with an attorney who works full-time in this area. They will guide you through your options, form your company, and provide you with legal support for the first 90 days of your business.

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