Business Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail

All business owners use some form of planning to guide their actions. But like anybody who works with their hands, some people are much better at their craft than others. Some problems are easily and properly fixed with duct tape. Other problems require that the current situation be completely torn down and rebuilt. The same is true for your business.

Business planning is more than just developing a plan–it’s also getting buy in from your team. All your team members and stakeholders are looking at the same hill, but from different perspectives. Your success, and how hard you work, will be impacted by how well you craft your plan and communicate it to your team. If you do not have their input and buy-in, you will constantly be pushing a rope uphill and wondering why it is so hard. This can rob you of the joy of owning a business.

The Business Innovation Team has been involved in crafting and implementing business plans for over 25 years. Planning needs vary greatly from company to company. Some plans fit on a single sheet of paper while others are multi-page documents. Either way, we partner with you to ensure that you have the right plan for your business.

Additionally, the Business Innovation Team helps you navigate the waters of getting your employees to buy into your business plans. We Change Management principles to help explain the concepts, discuss the benefits, show how they factor into the businesses’ success, and help shape the message so your team desires the future state more than the current one.

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