Why You Need The Business Innovation Team

Companies hire the Business Innovation Team to help define/clarify business goals and determine how to achieve those goals effectively. We begin by identifying the constraints in your business that are causing you the greatest challenges and address them. We would then begin assessing the current status of your company so we can clearly define the one or two areas of your business that need to be addressed next. This could include your team’s ability to attract clients, close sales, your transaction mix, how long it takes to meet your client’s needs, process development, and team skills gaps to name a few. As we clarify what needs to get done, we work alongside of you to project manage the entire effort. 

The Business Innovation Team also considers how the company should prepare for the future. We help reshape company policies, measure and behaviors that can help improve your company’s performance. We also identify areas for business development that will meet anticipated demand. In this capacity, we help shape everything from hiring practices to staff training to production methods. We partner with you to see what is currently happening within your company as a whole and address specific issues by implementing corrective strategies and we’ll assist you to better project future demand so that your company can invest in the right products and services.

The Business Innovation Team works with businesses of all sizes. We have services in place for start-ups, existing small businesses, as well as medium to large businesses. Regardless of your size, we can partner with you to help drive your business growth. Learn more about our services below or schedule a meeting with us to discuss in greater detail.

LAUNCH (For Start-Ups)

The Business Innovation Team offers a service called LAUNCH. This service allows an aspiring entrepreneur to go on-line, complete a form, then speak with an attorney who works full-time in this area. They will guide you through your options, form your company, and provide you with legal support for the first 90 days of your business.

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Business Planning

The Business Innovation Team has been involved in crafting and implementing business plans for over 25 years. Planning needs vary greatly from company to company. Some plans fit on a single sheet of paper while others are multi-page documents. Either way, we partner with you to ensure that you have the right plan for your business.

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Entrepreneurial Business Strengths Review

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Does the business you are thinking about fit your strengths? If it is not a perfect fit, what team members do you need to recruit in order support your plan? Can you afford to make a mistake with this decision?

Our Entrepreneurial Business Strengths Review offers a unique mirror that allows you to evaluate your own inventory of abilities and skills quickly, easily, and privately.

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The Business Innovation Team set of consulting services helps business owners clarify exactly what you are trying to get done, build detailed plans to get it done, then we work alongside our clients to get it done. A work cadence is established that keeps you and your team focused on your desired future state while working within your time and financial budgets.

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